Ruhee Meghani – championing whole of life wellbeing for corporate success

Ruhee Meghani - championing whole of life wellbeing for corporate success

Ruhee, the founder of Allied Collective, Australia’s premier inclusive facilitation and wellbeing agency, is a pioneer in purpose-led leadership development through future-focused training. With a diverse background in wellbeing, retail, advertising, sports management, and hospitality spanning over 12 years, Ruhee has established herself as a thought leader, yoga teacher, and public speaker. She also plays a vital role as a Regional Advisory Council member at the Victorian Multicultural Commission, advocating for migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Originally from Mumbai, Ruhee relocated to Australia approximately eleven years ago. Her academic pursuits include psychology, business management, marketing, and she is also a certified yoga instructor. Her journey has been a fascinating exploration of self-identity and embracing various facets of her persona.

Ruhee launched Allied Collective about three years ago and decided to focus on her business full-time early last year. Despite challenges, she considers this journey irreplaceable. After moving to Australia, she encountered the “prove it again” bias, a common experience for many women of colour in corporate settings in Australia. This bias, also known as the double bind, demands continuous proof of competence from women, especially women of colour, balancing assertiveness with likeability to avoid hindering professional growth.

Ruhee Meghani - championing whole of life wellbeing for corporate success

Ruhee observed that women often receive vague feedback in performance reviews compared to men’s more concrete and objective feedback, potentially impacting promotion opportunities. Even in evaluations claiming objectivity, cultural diversity significantly influences perceptions of effective communication.

This realisation fueled Ruhee’s passion for her work with Allied Collective, as she witnessed the unfolding of inclusion and equity in today’s global workplace. She advocates that diversity fosters innovation, leading to more robust and economically sound decisions. Culturally humble leaders, she believes, establish stronger international team relationships, enhancing global competitiveness.

The founding of her company was motivated by her personal experiences with systemic barriers and the desire to initiate change. She envisions a future where work is integrated into life harmoniously, emphasising engagement, flexibility, challenge, autonomy, and purpose.

Ruhee Meghani - championing whole of life wellbeing for corporate success

Ruhee’s approach to wellbeing extends beyond traditional concepts like exercise and nutrition, acknowledging the impact of factors like toxic work environments and financial insecurity. In her role, she employs a principle of “nothing for you without you,” catering to the unique needs of individuals and teams.

Constant learning is a cornerstone of Ruhee’s ethos, with her diverse interests providing a unique edge in her work. Key lessons from her journey include trusting her instincts, relying on her community, and maintaining curiosity without judgment. She perceives every interaction as a learning opportunity, drawing inspiration and motivation from the giants who have paved the way, instilling courage and audacity to follow in their footsteps.

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