Stacey Joseph: Creative Director / Designer

Stacey Joseph: Creative Director / Designer
Stacey Joseph: Creative Director / Designer

Stacey Joseph has dedicated her career to creating meaningful impact through design. Her alignment with the mission of Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine (SMP) echoes her commitment to driving positive change.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Stacey witnessed firsthand the challenges and triumphs her parents faced starting anew and redefining their careers upon migrating to Australia, This personal connection fuels her dedication to the magazine. Through this platform, she aspires to provide the guidance, advice, and empowerment that every migrant arriving in Australia deserves.

With over 17 years of experience in the design industry, Stacey has finely honed her skills at elevating brands. Her career has spanned a diverse range of sectors, from design agencies to television news, FMCG, tourism, and the social sector. She’s even established her own design studio, Sama Creative.


As Creative Director, Stacy delivers strategic creative solutions for both the SMP brand and magazine. Her expertise lies in crafting compelling visual solutions that magnify brand impact across both print and digital domains. Her commitment transcends design; it permeates the essence of teamwork and collaboration. A firm believer in the power of teamwork, she lends unwavering support to the team to amplify SMP’s mission.


Exploring different cultures occupies a special place in Stacey’s heart;  it celebrates unique experiences and forges unity in the differences.

”It’s not just content; it’s a celebration of what makes us, and me, feel connected and alive.“

Her hope is for every individual to feel acknowledged and heard, fostering an environment where goals and dreams are realised. In this collective journey, no one stands alone, and Stacey hopes to foster a community and network that helps people thrive and succeed.


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