Meet the team

Emmagness Ruzvidzo

Chief Strategist

Emmagness Ruzvidzo's journey from Harare, Zimbabwe, to Australia is defined by passion, empowerment, and a drive to create positive change. At the heart of her role is strategic leadership. Em leads her passionate and empowered team to produce editions that resonate deeply with skilled migrant professionals in Australia.

Sandra Taylor

Chief Editor

As chief editor of Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine, Sandra Taylor provides a guiding force, with an unwavering dedication to empowerment and the celebration of diversity. Sandra's professional journey has allowed her to cultivate expertise across multiple domains, including marketing, human resources, business, and communication.

Orode Cyndi Eke-Okoro

Chief Advertising Executive

As Chief Advertising Executive, Orode Cyndi Eke-Okoro, brings her skills at collaboration and fostering professional relationships to the team. With a deep understanding of the challenges skilled migrants face due to various barriers, Orode is committed to creating opportunities for every individual to thrive.

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