Emmagness Ruzvidzo: Chief Strategist

Emmagness Ruzvidzo’s journey from Harare, Zimbabwe, to Australia is defined by passion, empowerment, and a drive to create positive change. As the chief strategist and co-founder of the magazine, she brings her unique perspective and extensive experience to the forefront.

Em migrated to Australia in 2017, seeking a brighter future for herself and her family. Australia’s promise of diversity drew them in, but once settled, Em recognised the gaps in positive representation and leadership opportunities for individuals like herself. This realisation ignited her passion to amplify the stories of skilled migrant professionals.


At the heart of her role is strategic leadership. Em leads her passionate and empowered team to produce editions that resonate deeply with skilled migrant professionals in Australia. Her keen understanding of community dynamics and her ability to listen to both her team and the wider community allows her to curate content that speaks directly to the needs and aspirations of her audience.


Em’s journey has had its challenges. She transitioned from being the head of brand and marketing for a global Fortune 500 company to establishing her own marketing and coaching consultancy. As an empowerment coach, she draws from her own migration experience to guide others through personal and professional obstacles. Through her leadership at VAKA Consulting, advisory role with the African Professionals of Australia, and numerous speaking engagements, she fosters resilience, confidence, and growth in individuals and businesses alike.

Emmagness’s dedication to a diverse and empowered Australia is the driving force behind her work. She envisions a society where the richness of every individual’s journey is celebrated and shared, and where success stories aren’t confined to a specific mould.

At her core, Emmagness is captivated by stories. She believes that each person’s narrative contributes to the intricate tapestry that defines Australia’s diversity. Having navigated her own challenges, she understands the importance of mentorship and guidance, and she is determined to be the guiding light that she wished she had when starting her Australian journey.


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