Sandra Taylor: Chief Editor

As chief editor of Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine, Sandra Taylor provides a guiding force, with an unwavering dedication to empowerment and the celebration of diversity.

Born overseas herself, Sandra’s journey has granted her insights into the challenges and victories that mark the path of a skilled migrant. Her enthusiasm for the magazine’s mission to empower skilled migrant professionals in Australia reflects her commitment to fostering success within the community.


Sandra’s professional journey has allowed her to cultivate expertise across multiple domains including marketing, human resources, and various facets of business and communication.Her experience at high-profile organisations such as McDonald’s Australia Limited, QUT, and TUH Health Fund has endowed her with a deep understanding of Australian society, organisational dynamics, content curation, and audience engagement.


Leveraging this knowledge, Sandra aspires to create a resource that imparts valuable insights and resonates with skilled migrants.

Collaborating closely with the creative team, Sandra shapes compelling content that informs, inspires, and uplifts readers, all with the goal of making Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine a trusted source of reliable information, professional development and personal growth.

Sandra strongly believes that stories of individuals’ journeys, struggles, and achievements have the power to resonate with others on a deeply emotional level. Sharing the experiences of skilled migrant professionals who have overcome hurdles to make significant contributions  instils a sense of pride and serves as a source of inspiration for others. She encourages all to embrace diversity, celebrate resilience, and cultivate a thriving community fueled by the collective strength of skilled migrant professionals.


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