Orode Cyndi Eke-Okoro: Chief Advertising Executive

As Chief Advertising Executive, Orode Cyndi Eke-Okoro, brings her skills in collaboration and fostering relationships with organisations and partners to the Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine team.

Throughout her journey and diverse experiences, Orode has witnessed the exceptional potential of skilled migrant communities. With a deep understanding of the challenges skilled migrants often face in harnessing their talents due to various barriers, Orode is committed to creating opportunities for every individual to thrive. This commitment finds expression in the platform provided by Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine, which celebrates their stories, experiences, and expertise.

Orode’s aim extends beyond showcasing success stories; it encompasses the establishment of a nurturing ecosystem that fosters learning, collaboration, and advancement. She aims to inspire and educate the broader community, illuminating the enriching contributions these professionals bring to society.

Orode’s personal experience with migration fuels her commitment to facilitating smoother transitions and harnessing the potential within diverse communities. With a law degree and a diploma in Community Services, Orode is a skilled communicator and an effective community builder. She also serves as the President of the African Professionals of Australia.


With a passion for adventure, travel, and culinary exploration, Orode embodies a zest for life. Exploring and understanding different cultures resonates with her love for exploration and connection. Orode aspires to have her contributions serve as beacons of hope and practical guidance, reminding individuals that they are not alone on their journeys.


For her, the magazine serves as a conduit for sharing insights, triumphs over challenges, and strategies for navigating the complex landscape of professional growth in a new country. As readers journey through its pages, Orode encourages forging connections, sparking inspiration, and amplifying the collective voice.

She believes that through collective efforts, lives, communities, and the nation that opens its arms are positively impacted.


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